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Regional Allocator


Ensure the best stock distribution for their region’s competence, working with tools of allocation and replenishment under the overseeing of the Planning and Allocation Manager, and in coordination with HQ Allocation Team and Regional Merchandising Team




  • Manage replenishment, rebalancing and consolidation activities;
  • Be always in coordination with Regional Planning and Allocation Manager to grant the financial kpi’s
  • Be always in coordination with Visual Merchandising team to grant the correct image.
  • Be in constant communication with Store staff to support the client’s special requests
  • Work together with Logistic and Retail operations to define the delivery plan by store considering distributive constraints;
  • Cooperate with HQ Allocation team to manage the Central reserve and to allocate products to the stores.
  • Manage operatively the stores’ stock confirming the replenishment and communicate weekly with the stores;
  • Work together with Regional Merchandising team to set the assortment and to define the target stock level for each sku/store;
  • Collaborate with HQ Allocation team to adjust and revise target stock levels based on  sales trend and stock capacity, to evaluate assortment changes, manage exceptional cases and update parameters on the system.



  • Retail mind set;
  • Commercial awareness and strong analytical skills;
  • Ability to plan and prioritize and work well under pressure;
  • Knowledge of Retail logistic and distribution process;
  • Demonstrated ability to evaluate business trends and draw actionable conclusions to maximize business opportunities
  • Demonstrated ability to influence and effectively negotiate with cross functional business partners
  • Possess a working knowledge of financial measurements and how to impact them
  • Advanced level of excel usage with aptitude to learn technical SW and operative tools;
  • Team building ability and relationship skills;


This position is classified as exempt for purposes of the Fair Labor Standards Act and the New York Labor Law, as this employee’s primary duties consist of the performance of office or non-manual field work directly related to management policies and/or general operations. Moreover, it is expected of this position that the employee will customarily and regularly exercise discretion and independent judgment, utilizing his or her training, experience, and knowledge.